Nāc talkā- Zvirbulis top!



Here is a starting list of the kinds of donations we're looking for in the Zvirbulu zone, so if you have anything to contribute, or have any contacts,... please get in touch via Facebook or bethan.burnside@hotmail.com And share the message as much as you can

We're looking for:
- lots of rope
- pocket knives and swiss army knives
- compasses
- water bottles
- matches
- cooking pots
- wood (suitable for building benches, sign posts, tables, shelters, bridges, etc.)
- building tools (nails, hammers, etc.)
- big tents and a gazebo-like huge tent
- boards/flipcharts
- cable ties
- big bin bags
- car tires
- flash lights

Liels Paldies!!!


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