Tent camp

One of the Give&Get basic values is the feeling of home. That means, that we want, that everyone would feel like home. As we are making this festival together, we invite you to make your own FEELING OF HOME, by thinking not only about where to sleep, but also to help create the atmosphere, family feeling, common kitchen, to respect and take care of the place where we are, and most importantly, of the feeling of home in ourselves.

This yeaar we don't have special tent camp for all te visitors because garden is pretty small but if you come like a volunteer or  wish to make your home like a creative corner, for example, it can be a shed, where you invite people to drink tea, read in coffe grounds or simply talk about what is your heart, it will be possible. Through the whole event let’s think about where to put garbage too – prepeare with you bags for trash, sort, pick up whatever has fallen on the ground, be gentle on the nature and accept everybody you meet in your way as a part of family.