List of things to take

Survival set or what to take with you to „Give & Get”?

• A tent, a shed, or for instance tools to build a wigwam or your own corner
• FOOD! And your own tableware – at the Give & Get festival lets be gentle to nature
and lets make our own food.
• Sleepingthings
• Donations and things for furnishing/decorating the territory of the festival and to
make festive feelings – plaid to warm your friend with, pillows, scarves, hammocks,
Christmas string lights – everything that could make the festival more beautiful and

cozier: *see the section below „What to donate?”
• Rain coat
• At least 3 sets of clothing. Don’t forget a warm sweater and wool socks, even if its
summer, it may come in handy
• Swimsuits
• A friend
• Bugspray
• Cotton wool or earplugs (in case you have a need to sleep)
• Hygiene articles – soap, towel, toothpaste, girls stuff/ boys stuff, wet wipes
• Sunscreen
• At least 1 bottle of water
• Creative, spontaneous and open approach to practical things
• Mobile phone and its charger ( in case you can’t live without it)
• Camera
• Medications (patches, medications for pain, alergies)
• Proof of identity
• Ticket for the festival
• Flashlight, because during the night it may be dark in the park
• Cash
• A hat
• Extra bags for dirty clothes, shoes, garbage etc.
• Toilet paper, paper towels

What you should NOT take with you:

• Glass bottles
• Alcochol and other intoxicants
• Pyrotechnics

Don’t forget to mark your valuables with your name, adress, phone number or at
least twittername.

What to donate?

As already said, money is not the only possibility to exchange energy thats used to get an entrance ticket. There is a possibility to donate or to lend useful things in life and household, and since it is a commerce free festival and EVERYTHING what will be there will be made of things that have brought, donated or lent and made for an entrance ticket to the festival, may be specific things which will be useful in implementation of Give&Get. For now topical items are:

1. Sollar battery garden lamps, which are charging during the day in the sun and shine
in the dark without any other energy sources.
2. Christmas string light
3. Flashlights
4. Any kind of colour
5. Balloons
6. Torches and petrol
7. A tub
8. Gasoline
9. Extension cord
10. FOOD
11. Wool matraces, scarves, pillows, sheds, carpets etc. Everything that could make it

See you in the festival!