The idea of Give & Get was born in a silent meditation retreat
in the eve of 2010., but the the flame of inspiration was lit
by Arthur, a friend and traveler, and his story about visiting
an open-air festival in Australia called Confest. The idea
of the festival is to unite a variety of people in an event of
cooperative creation, where every participant is a volunteer and each one of them leads a masterclass. The second
inspiration was a combination of various dance festivals and
the fantastic feeling after masterclasses when, after doing
what you love, you were exhausted but also felt so abundant,
free and happy that it felt like you needed nothing else – this
created the belief that we can celebrate and create festivity
around ourselves without intoxicating substances and that
opening up and the feeling of affiliation is achievable through
sharing what we know and love to do the most.

So, in the eve of 2010 Agnes, completely dedicated and
without any experience in organizing large events, any
contacts or budget, but with a clear sense of mission and
belief in what she is doing, undertook the organization of the
first festival.

"As many difficulties and wonders as I faced during the first year of the festival, I
experienced for the first time in my life.” Says the mother of the festivals idea.

The main idea of the festival was clear, but the essence, concept and other details were formed during the organization and are being improved to this day.