"Give & Get" – what does it mean?


The slogan of event’s soul – find alternatives in the new – corporation within culture where the everyday modern person can become aware of being a part of a whole, a part which is in itself a complete, holistic, all-around creative, and open ourselves to new opportunities, believing that we can only change not only ourselves, our families, our homes, but also the world around us.

Give & Get is a heart of wise workshop community. This means that everyone who is involved, are welcome to Do and with Create from a heart. Meaning it - sharing what they know and love to do the best, whether organizing a master class or a creative workshop.

The idea - to build bridges from the material to the spiritual. To give an OPPORTUNITY to try how it is to differently:

- Learn to be open and find a sense of relaxation, not with alcohol or other intoxicating substances, but with each other’s inspiration and sharing with what inspires us and what we love to do most.

- Try it for few days to eat vegetarian or vegan. Allowing the body to rest from the heavy food intake in a result of captured toxins.

- Behold the wonder, what happens when you stop to think only about yourself and begin to take care of others.

- To add to an event your hand as a volunteer, creating the environment as your own feeling of home, and experiencing the feeling how it is to be a creator and a part of the new created world, which is created and build buy your OWN hands, ideas, and thoughts for couple of weeks together with others.

- Remember the importance of ancient traditions and to create new traditions, to learn and feel the ritual and a real, true CELEBRATION meaning.

- To take care of and get to know nature and live in harmony with its rhythms.

- To see what HUMANITY can build, removing modern high-power - cash impact on our lives, excluding the purchase and sale, and exclude our own personal gain throughout the event.

- To become a doers, not thinkers.

Inspire and develop your own talents, to focus on hobby-close to your heart, to think freely, pay more attention to environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle. Educate about sustainability, recycling and zero waste. To promote different generation and culture consolidation, to create a sense of family and home, responsibility to the environment, and to inspire to consume less, but learn to use what you already have!

When visiting you can find out even more about the Give & Get heart of wise workshop community’s projects and opportunities how to participate! Share skills and inspire others to pursue to what they love to do the most by heart or just simply support:

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