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"KaFejuNīca / CaFairy - the festival kitchen, vegetarian meals for donations, workshops and seminars on and around a healthy diet. Cooking traditions from different cultures."

"Give & Get" Festival Centre is looking for supportive friends and support our CaFairy!

The kitchen is every homes center, and in the festival Give & Get this is the only place where we have all come together after a wander through the zones of the workshops, and share the day's events, stories and adventures while enjoying GG offered vegetarian dishes that are made with a secret ingredient - love, by talanted food master Ugis Kugis (Ugis the Ship).

We Give & Get team would be very happy if any one of you, our GG friends have an idea, resources, options, for this year to help and find more opportunities for dining area - more assistants and cooks and various master classes in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle diet. We are open to your suggestions, ideas and reminders, put it behind your ear! And if the great idea comes in your mind that might be useful, give a message to us !

If, after reading this, thought about some of your friend - tell about us!
Thank you!
Have a light and sunny time! See you soon!

Give & Get Grandfairy Agnes,, tel. (+371) 27869913
CaFairy zone fairy Marta Prēdele, tel. (+371) 26088364

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