What else to donate?


You can support the family zone by donating materials:
1)The making of adventure playground – tires, planks, nails, woods, hammers, saws, a drill will be needed.
2)Mud kitchen – The big, common kitchen and smaller, more personal corners.
Different utensils, bowls, pans, pots, bucketes, boxes, baskets, mortars, colanders etc. will be needed. Please, donate the ones that are used up, unnecessary.
Tables, cupboards, chairs.
3)For the sound tree – different sounding items – tubes, pots, pans etc.
4)For the water wall – tubes (non-rigid), plastic bottles, different utensils.
Electrisity connection.
Jars – glass.
Plastic bottles, bowls – different shape, material.
5)Scotch tape.
8)Bags for sitting.
9)Hopefully at least one big carpet.
10)Ropes, metal wires, big size fabric and pieces, yarn.
11)Woods and ropes for making molberts.
12)Rope for the swing.

Apply your donation to the fairy of Family zone Kristīne Dūdiņa: kristinedudina@berniemdraudzigs.lv or on phone 26161640


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